Thursday, December 15, 2005

Running in the rain and cold.

Today I ran 8.25 miles and the weather was truly horrible. It was 35 degrees and raining along with a steady wind. These conditions lead to hypothermia (sp?) and the trick is not to stop running. I find that usually I am the only one out there and it is so peaceful despite the weather.

The guys I run with from time to time did not run with me and they wonder why they do not improve. Learning to run through less than ideal conditions is important and keeps the motivation up and going.

The other benefit is that I treat myself to a piece of cheesecake and hot cocoa for doing today's run!

Friday, December 09, 2005


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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cold Weather Running

Last night was the "group" run for one of the running clubs I belong to. It was cool with temps around 40 degrees and dark. Only one other person and I showed up and we did an easy 4.5 mile run at around a 7:30 pace to pass the time. We discussed the fact that as soon as the weather is not "perfect" so many runners stop running and start finding excuses not to run.

It is a shame, winter and the cold can be a great time to run. Quiet, peaceful and enjoyable are benefits to cold weather running.

Of course when it is icy I advocate not running to eliminate possible injuries.

Winter is a good time to build up base mileage and keep the body ready for the spring racing season.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Today (Saturday December 3rd, 2005) I ran the 8K race here in Wilmington. Race was good except the mile markers were off in first two miles and no one spotted a mile marker at mile 3. As with last week, I am running these races with little to no taper in attempt to prepare myself for the Jeep Challenge at the Gasparilla race in the end of February.

Results:32:42 12th overall out of 250 and 4th in age group. Masters PR for me at this distance (I have not run many 8K's) , No masters category and they only went 2 deep so no hardware for me today. Still the overall results were okay despite running with tired legs and fighting calf cramps in the end.

Food was great, beer was cold and they had a great goodie bag foreveryone. Not a bad day overall. This will be one of my last races in the 40-44 age group so I am overall fairly pleased with it. Still lots of room for improvementbut it is getting there slowly.

Friday, December 02, 2005

My first post on the Blog! I saw this from my running buddy Jen and decided to start my own blog and post my own thoughts on running.

I look forward to sharing my perspective on running and working out the issues with balancing life and running.

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