Monday, November 27, 2006

Grand Prix Update

Like a lot of clubs ours has a Grand Prix (a series of races). This year we had 10 races, 2 half marathons, 4 10K's, 2 8K's and 2 5K's. After competing in each of the races I won the whole GP series. I am not the fastest runner but do compete in each race as hard as I can. This is the 4th year that I have won my age group, 2nd for overall male and first year winning the overall total.

I am happy to have done it finally and despite training for the marathon, suffering from bothviral encephalitis and mononucleous (sp?) along with the various aches this year, I am happy to have accomplished this goal.

Next year I will not focus on it as much as finally getting my 5K time back down to where it should be and be more competitive next year.

Enjoy the day and I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Holiday!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Marathon Travel Plans

The other day Coach Tammy calls me up and our conversation went something like this:

Coach T: K I am booking your flights for the marathon and putting in an incentive program for you

Me: Umm, I think I can book my own flight and what incentive program would I need after you made me do all those races and distances?

Coach T: Stop sweating the little stuff and trust me. You will like this plan. I will book it all and call you right back.

So after taking all my information and credit card number she calls me back

Coach T: Okay it is done. You have a flight going into Las Vegas on Thursday and that will give you a few days to adjust to the time zone and weather.

Me: Good idea and good thinking.

Coach T: Your flight out is that Sunday afternoon after the race

Me: Okay sounds good what time?

Coach T: It leaves at 12:25 pm

Me: What? Why so soon?

Coach T: Yep, race starts at 6 am, you run less than 3:30:00 then you can get to the hotel and change and make the airport and flight. You run slow, your on the redeye and pay the change fees. You have your incentive plan!

After I groan and whine I hang up and have decided running marathons suck.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Last race before Marathon Report

Sunday I ran my favorite 5K and it was the end of my last hard week of training. Unfortunately the half marathon really took its toll on me and the legs were just tired and with out a good break I didn't do as well as I did last year.

Overall time was 19:37 and finished 3rd in Age group and 16th overall. I was 20 seconds slower than last year but given the training and the last 3 races I was in the time I expected to be.

Next year I might skip the half marathon and target this 5K for a time around 18:50.

Oh on the bright side I beat Melanie. She was complaining of being tired and she only race a few times this past week. She was still first female but I still enjoyed beating her but hate that I lost to Jeff B. Oh well there is next year!

Enjoy the day everyone.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I ran the Battleship Half Marathon Sunday with a goal of breaking 1:30:00. As I woke up in the Morning the rain started coming down and the wind was really blowing hard. I wasn't to concerned about the rain but the wind I was very concerned about.

I did an easy 3 mile warm up and talked briefly to Melanie and gave her some last minute goals on how fast to start out. Her goal was 1:28:30 (she ran 1:28:14 my coaching is helping her!) and I was confident she would acheive this goal.

Race started on time and splits and race thoughts are as follows:
Mile 1) 6:49 (bridge) (Also wondering why Coach Tammy is making me do this)

Mile 2) 6:38 (smaller bridge) (Still stuck on Try Piggy's riddle on what is between C and E)

Mile 3) 6:46 (Cursing The Black Night as he is already done with his race and I am still going)

Mile 4) 6:44 (Should have done Rim Rock and avoided this race!)

Mile 5) 6:54 (hill) (Wondering how many shoes Racing Rabbit has and what is the right shoe for a cast?)

Mile 6) 6:44 (Now wondering what house warming gift I need for Running Transitions)

Mile 7) 6:55 (hill and wind) (Can I blame Running Amy for the wind she is in GA afterall)

Mile 8) 6:44 (What new posts from Running Susan and her ongoing canine issues will she have)

Mile 9) 6:56 (Tri Sara should be pacing me but she is recovering from trying to educate the youth and help me with the Try Piggy riddle)

Mile 10) 7:04 (wind) (A. Maria is making KU blow nasty wind this way I know it and what new thing is going on in her life)

Mile 11) 7:02 (really strong wind) (Time for DG to pull out a shovel for me as I am hurting now)

Mile 12 & 13) 14:01 (Last bridge and very strong gusts running against the wind think of Chariots of Fire running slow mo now) (Where is Andy when I need him? not here for sure but eating some BBQ in MO laughing at me no doubt)

Mile .1) .40 (I need to fly like the Fire gal from MN and end this torture)

Total time 1:30:08 (Damn I am still sockless and have to wait to next race to get my socks from Jessi)

Missed the goal by 8 seconds but considering the wind the last 3 miles of the race I was happy. At mile 11 my hamstrings were really tightening up and I am still feeling the effort from yesterday today.

This is my new Masters PR and 2 minutes faster than last year. I believe on a flat fast course with decent weather I can push my time to 1:28:00.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

3 days and counting

In preparation for the half marathon I have run the course several times along with going over it in my mind. I have raced this particular course 3 times already and I know every square inch of it. I have plotted my times and where I need to be at each mile. The first two miles are difficult with two bridges and grates but after that it is okay until the 11.5 mile mark and then the last and most difficult bridge is there. Last year I lost it on the final bridge and it cost me about 30 seconds in overall time.

I intend to take off at a 6:35-6:40 pace (holding back is sooooo hard to do) and run smooth until mile 10. At that point it is just a 5K and I will give whatever I have left. If I make it to mile 10 under 68 minutes I will be in good shape for the sub 1:30:00 goal.

I must remember to post about my travel plans on the Marathon in December. Interesting to say the least.

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saturday I ran this race for the 4th year in the row. This race is interesting as you never know what the weather is going to be like and this year was no different. Weather temps were cool in the mid 50's but it was very windy with very strong gusts. Still it was beautiful to see the ocean and the white caps as they broke on the island.

Melanie and I left Wilmington around 9 am (race is at 12:30 but we had to catch the 10:30 Ferry to the Island). We arrived on time and found many of our running buddy's there. We did a decent warm up (3 miles as it was cold). My expectations were to go hard for the race and just see what I could do. I expected Melanie to break 40 minutes and place in overall females.

My split times:
Mile 1 6:10 (no wind)
Mile 2 6:32 (against the wind)
Mile 3 6:49 (strong wind and rolling hills)
Mile 4 6:46 (last of the rolling hills but dissapointed with this mile)
Mile 5 6:45 (being wimpy at this point)
Mile 6 6:22 (finally ran a decent mile again)
.2 1:32

Total time 40:58

Overall 11th out of roughly 150, 3rd in age group.

Melanie finished in 40:03 and 2nd female. Overall female ran 37:38. Top two males ran sub 35 min 10K's.

Overall I am pleased with my time, my fastest 10K in a few years and finally seem to be getting some decent times in. Still have a bit of work to do on it but look forward to the half marathon and see how I do in the goal to break 1:30:00 or face the wrath of Coach Tammy!

Enjoy the day everyone.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Easier week

Despite Coach Tammy's efforts to make me run more miles I have successfully manage to cut back my miles this week. This is in the plan and I will end up around 35 miles after the weekend.

Saturday I have the race at Bald Head Island. Weather is suppose to be low 50's with winds between 15-20 mph. Wish it was a bit warmer and no wind but it will be a good race nevertheless. Melanie and I will do our usual battle for bragging rights and we are both hoping for sub 41 on this race.

On a more serious note I saw this site on a running board. Check out

It is the story of a cancer patient fighting the cancer and continuing the run. I don't Liz but would be honored to run a race with her one day. It puts running into what it should be, running for life, for ourselves and for what is important. It isn't about the speed, the hardware or beating others. Running is truly a blessing I cherish and provides so much to me. I am grateful to be a runner.

Enjoy the day everyone.

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