Sunday, July 29, 2007

Interesting Week.

This week I was in both Wisconsin and North Carolina. Both proved to be interesting trips albeit for not the reasons I had hoped.

In Wisconsin I was in Sheboygan (sp?) right on Lake Michigan and spent some time running there. One day I was able to do 4 and the second day I did 11. The hills their are easy, they complained about the heat but it was not that bad I thought.

After my 11 mile run I went to bed and woke up and had blood stains on the sheets. I have had some issues with my kidneys in the past so it means back to the doctor (they did a quick check nothing to serious) and Monday I go back to the Dr for a more thorough check up on the kidney and urological system. The bleeding has slowed down so I hope it can be fixed quickly.

I kept my trip to North Carolina to see my oldest son. I had a good time with him except when he fell and broke his nose. So another trip to the doctor and more time chatting with him.

Total miles run this week was just 30.25 miles and total time with doctors was 8 hrs! Grr, to much time in with doctors and not enough time running.

I will get caught up on blogs soon, I just have been real busy this week!

Take care and enjoy the day everyone.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Upcoming races

I am going to do a 1 mile race on August 11th as part of the Grand Prix USATF series. My goal is to break 5:30 on this and I think I will need devine intervention for this to occur. Oh well I will train for it and see what happens. I am running a lot of hills and doing 200's twice a week. I shoot for sub 35 seconds on them with no more than a 90 second recovery (so far I have only done the speed work once this week I do it twice). I will start with 8 x 200 shooting for 12 x 200. These are the most painful runs I do but it is good for me. I need to really work on improving my speed to compete.

Next race after that is with Coach Tammy in Seattle on August 18th. I am flying back to visit my son (he is stationed in the Navy out there) and visit my mother and nieces. Tammy and I are doing a 10K where my goal is to be somewhere around or less than 41 min. I don't know the course but it is at a brewery so if I don't do well I can always drown my sorrows in some yummy tasting beer.

Today's run went well. I took my son in law out for 8.1 miles of hills and then dropped him off at home. We kept it easy for him (8:06 pace) and then I went and did another 3.55 miles of tempo running after that. Of course I decide to go to the beach after that and relaxed and enjoy the day!

I hope this finds everyone well.

Enjoy the day!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Getting caught up now.

What a week, made a trip to Akron Ohio on Wednesday where I met TriSaraTops for lunch. Now I have met 2 bloggers in 1 year and will continue to strive to meet more(Try Piggy your on my list still to meet and race against!). To say she was glowing would be an understatement. She was just as lovely in person as she is on her blog and was a real joy to meet her. She and Matt will be wonderful parents and she is one awesome athlete.

I am thinking of going to Wisconsin in September to see Sara's friend and fellow super studette TriShannon with my youngest daughter to watch the Shannon kick arse at the WI Ironman. Oh yes as far as meeting bloggers I am planning on crashing Running Amy's wedding next year(I saw wedding crashers and figure her wedding with the 5oo people she is inviting will be perfect she won't notice I am there and I plan on eating and drinking at her and her soon to be husband Troy's expense LOL).

In August I will be going out to Seattle to see family and my youngest son who is in the Navy stationed out there. While there I will be running with very beautiful and exceptionally smart but hopelessly misguided in her location (think NY) Tammy and hopefully see GingerbreadMan who is also expecting a blog baby along with the amazing Tri Super Athlete sock stealing Jessi.

Saturday I ran the Rolling Thunder 5 Miler race and it was both a challenging and a fun race. This is another evening race with the race starting at 6 pm. The race was part of the Long Island USATF Grand Prix series so it was going to be competitive.

Temp at race time was 87 but the humidity was tolerable (much better than the NC humidity that I was use to). This course starts flat and then goes up gradually for an elevation change of about 300 feet over a course of 2 miles and then works it way down until the last mile where it is flat. I had never run this race before so didn't know what to expect.

Split times are as follows:

Mile 1) 6:39
Mile 2) 6:52 (feeling the heat and the hill at this point)
Mile 3) 6:33
Mile 4) 6:40
Mile 5) 6:34

Total time 33:44 (avg pace 6:44)

Finished overall 22/roughly 400 and 5/37 in age group

Felt good and pleased with the results especially given my recent problem with my left heal and right knee. Next race is a one miler in August so I will be doing a 5K Wed night and hitting the track for more 200 work outs to prep for it.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Eating out

Saturday night I took the crew to a local eating establishment that specializes in steak near the house that I just purchased. As we were sitting my youngest asks me what something on the menu was just as the food server shows up. Here is pretty much how the transcript of our conversation.

Waitress: What is the question?
Me: She was asking what so so is
Waitress: Where are you all from?
Daughter: We just moved from NC
Waitress: Ah that explains it, I understand your question. This thing is called a menu.
Me: What are you talking about? (I am just totally shocked what she has said)
Waitress: This is a menu and they list what we serve (and then she proceeds to read the menu to us)
Me: Just stop we know how to read a menu
Me: Where is your road kill?
Waitress: What?
Me: Roadkill stew you have any? How about some possum steak? Any roasted pig feet with BBQ?
Waitress: I am going to go get the manager
Manager: What is going on sir
Me: I explain the whole thing to him and tell him we are leaving for some other establishment that knows how to treat people a little better. At that point just left while they were saying some unkind things about southern folks and me saying at least in the South the treat you with respect. Maddie and I found a better place down the road where they assume we knew what a menu was LOL.

I know things are different in NY but that was something else. Besides they didn't have grits, BBQ or cornbread on the menu!

On the brighter side I ran 40.85 miles this week with more hill work going.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Firecracker 5K race results.

Sunday I ran the subject race and it was unique with a start time of 5pm when it was a tad warmer (85 but no humidity thankfully). This was also a USATF Grand Prix race for the Long Island clubs.

I did my usual warm up and as I looked at the front I could see that this was going to be a fast group.

Splits were as follows:

Mile 1) 6:12
Mile 2) 6:36 (loose gravel on trail slowed us down)
Mile 3) 6:28
.1) :36

Total time 19:52 pace 6:24

Overall finished 68/678 7/59 in the M45-49 age group.

Race proved to be competitive as I suspected it would be. We had several kids in the 15 to 16 min range. Top to in my age group were low and mid 17's with the 3rd in the age group being low 18's. Still a lot of work to do on the speed side of it.

Nevertheless I felt I ran the race well considering with the house move and putting up things in the house I just bought.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

I been busy.

This week I have nothing but little garbage miles to report. Up through Saturday I have only 15.3 miles of running. I spent two days in Chicago and was stuck their do to the cancellation of flights. Ended up staying in the Hilton there at $300/ night (all company expenses) until they could fly me back home to NY.

Friday I closed on my house and Monday the movers are coming. Yesterday my youngest and I scoped out the house and started building shelves for our hardware. We have 8 shelves I am putting up for all the good stuff she and I have won over the years. It will be called the Sports Room!

I realized my furniture doesn't work in the house and I am off to buy a new couch and a new grill today.

Oh and I have a 5K for the Grand Prix to run tonight at 5 p.m. Not going to do as well but I need to do it for the team standings.

Enjoy the day everyone.

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