Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week in Review

The leg injury is healing nicely now. I have started running again and no issue with the tendinitis as I slowly ramp my running up. I ran 3 days this week along with the biking and swimming.


Run 34.75 miles

Swim 3,600 meters

Bike 151.5 miles

This will be lowest mileage month in 5 years but I feel that I am still on track to do a decent marathon in October. Overall conditioning should be still good as I increase my miles next week up to 25 or so miles. Goal will be to continue swimming and I have found 500 meters to be pretty easy now. I will keep working up to doing 750 meters at a time. Biking I will shoot for 50-100 mile weeks as a supplement to the running depending on the mileage I am running.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Catching Up

My good buddy Running Amy reminded me that I haven't posted for almost 3 weeks. Sorry I have been extremely busy with life, work, parenting and seeing my girl friend.

I work as a Controller for a public company and when January 1st came it was our year end. I am really busy with year end reports, tax packages along with ensuring various year end activities are completed.

Since I last posted I did one race on the 1st and it was a 3 mile race. Time was 19:08 and 1st in M45-49 age group and 15th out of 200 overall.

I also had tendinitis in my left leg and that has kept me from running for two weeks. I hate that! So like all good banged up runners I gave it a week of complete rest and then hit the bike and swimming. This week I rode 86 miles on a stationary bike along with 1700 meters of swimming.
I see the doctor tomorrow (Monday) and hope to be cleared to start running again. I will probably continue to swim and bike as cross training (no I am not doing a sill Tri LOL).

I also moderate an online running group Joy of Running (JOR) feel free to join our yahoo group and enjoy a good daily discussion on running, exercise and life in general topics.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It was amazing to read so many of the great running accomplishments
that so many of the bloggers have accomplished this year. Whether
it is running 500 miles or 2500 miles I think everyone should be proud
of what they have accomplished.

My stats were a little off for me this year. I ran 1,575.45 miles in
2008 or about 300 miles shy of what I had hoped to accomplish. New
job and raising a 10 yr old has made running more of a challenge this

I met several new runners this year and it was a great year for
running encounters. I met Coach Tammy again, TriSaratops and my new adopted nephew Jackson from Blog land.

My big goal for 2008 is to qualify for Boston at the Twin City Marathon and have the JOR (joy of running sports group) encounter and hopefully have a very large turnout for it. I also have big plans to crash running Amy's wedding and trying to decide on bringing either sheep or goats.

By the way here is a picture of myself and my girlfriend at the Top of the Rockefeller building in New York City.

Enjoy both the day and the year everyone!

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