Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Last night as we were moving furniture from the vvehicles to the apartment I stay at during the weekdays some kids were playing ball nearby and one of them let loose with the bat and yep whacked me right on the right knee. Ended up seeing the MD Doc and fortunately no damage but it is tender and a very nice shade of black and blue.

I think my cyber running nemisis DOC is doing everything to keep me from racing him this year until he is ready to whup me! (He is one hell of a great runner)

Enjoy the day everyone.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Year of the PW's

Yep it happened again. My 4th worse 10K ever. Why you ask? Well lets see they tweaked my asthma medicine and as a result I had 3 hrs sleep on Mon, 4 hrs on Tue, 3 hrs on Wed, Thur and Friday! Wow it is amazing to find otu that sleep is over rated unless you plan to run a 10K!

Final time was (ugh) 45:18. I ost this to show that even when we normally run well we all have bad days and this was one of them. Funny thing due to a lack of competition I ended up 2nd in age group! I will take the hardware and be happy with that.

I have 5 weeks to prepare for the next 10K and will try to get the breathing back in control (what a crappy alternative sleep or breathing).

Back to the doctor and will need to find a few more 5K's to do before then and find the way to run hard with out breathing any longer!

Enjoy the day everyone.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

With everything going on in my life and trying to find some balance it has been difficult to keep up on posting blogs. I strive to find time for my running and work with work keeping me away from my youngest daughter a lot. I am gone so much that I have my own place now (cute little 2 bedroom place) where my daughter can visit me and stay the weekends!

I will be inconsistent for posting but will be reading my blog mates posts.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Friday, April 14, 2006

First Hot day!

Did the first hot run of the year. Temp was 90 degrees and slightly humid. Decided to train in it since the summer runs are always miserable to race in.

Did an easy 4 miler and kept it at an easy 7:20 pace.

Have 10 planned on both Sat and Sun and look forward to both Easter and Passover.

I wish everyone the best of both! Enjoy the day.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Azelea Festival 5K report

Sunday I ran the Azalea Festival 5K and did so so for me. I was doing well until just after the 2 mile mark and the darn asthma kicked in and I lost my mental focus. I am fighting to get back what I call for speed to where it was before Gasparilla and it is slowly coming back but not fast enough for me.

Bottom line finished in 19:59 14th o/a and 2nd in age group (40-49). Once I have my mental focus back should be back under 19:30 fairly quickly. I really need to find that focus again and find a way to push harder in the last mile. Once again I lost it and that bothers me more than the time.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

1st Quarter running update.

I am slow in posting my 1st quarter actuals vs goal but here it is:

79 runs for 448.9 miles (avg of 5.69 miles per run). Goal was 450 miles for the quarter so pretty close to it. Gasparilla was the big event for the quarter and the recovery took longer than I thought it would. Turning 45 in February didn't make me any smarter on realizing how long it takes to recover!

2nd quarter goals: 450 miles again sub 41 on 10K and sub 19:20 on 5K.

Enjoy the day everyone.

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