Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Track Day.

Today was my usual workout at the track at 5:30 a.m.again. Goal today was to run 8 x 800's with the 90 second jog recovery. I did not put full effort in terms of speed but worked more on pacing in preparation for the Flying Pig half marathon.

Here are the splits:

1) 3:08
2) 3:09
3) 3:08
4) 3:12
5) 3:15
6) 3:11
7) 3:12
8) 3:11

Total miles with warm up and cool down 7.7 miles.

Overall felt pretty good except Mile 5. Probably dragging some from the hill work outs on Monday and Tuesday evening.

Enjoy the day.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I survived.

My first house hunting trip to Long Island. I looked at 18 houses of which half are beyond scary. It never ceases to amaze me what people will not do when they put their house on the market. I did find one that I liked and still recovering from sticker shock. Still with the pay raise I am about the same as I was in my last job financially. Oh well, easy come easy house payment!

When I was in the Hampton Inn in Garden City across the expressway there was another building with the number "666" lit up in Neon lights. And yes it was a law firm. You draw your own conclusions.

Last week only 26.4 miles of running. It was a very busy week and with finishing up the one contract and now getting ready for a real job it remains so. Still the plan is to get in 40-45 miles this week. Afterall I do have a half marathon to do in May. Time to train hard the next few weeks.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I did 8 x 400's this am with the goal to keep the pace below 90 and take a 90 second jog recovery in between laps. I still find it hard to do the speed work at 5:30 a.m. but it is the only time I have available to me.

Did the proper warm up and here are the splits:

1) 84 (to fast)
2) 87
3) 86
4) 89
5) 87
6) 91 (dying off now)
7) 86
8) 94 (just nothing left for speed)

Did a bit longer cool down and called it a morning for running. Despite the pollen and the asthma issues I was pretty pleased with the times except the last split. Just wasn't able to pull it out.

On a side note, last night I went and saw the Count Bassie Orchestra and they were wonderful. I just love the big band jazz music live. They are really worth seeing if you get a chance.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Race Report

I ran the now annual St. Patrick's race here at the beach today. This race is unique as it was set up by a Catholic Priest who recently died while running at the beach a few months ago. As a result it had a very large turnout for this area of North Carolina. There are two races, a 5k and a 10K and I chose today to do the 10K.

The 10K had 200 runners and the 5K race had just over 500 so it was a real good turnout.

Weather was cool with temps in low 40's and very strong gusty winds. This race both starts on the beach and finishes on the beach. As a result the race times tend to be slower.

First .1 starts off in the deep sand until you hit the board walk and eventually make your way to the road. Mile splits were off but I felt strong and good throughout the race despite no rest this week. The race goal was just simply to keep my half marathon race pace or better.

The run is fun and I was in a comfortable grove and eventually made it to the final part of the race where the last .8 miles are on the beach. This part is slow and the tide was high so it was a delicate balance to run along the edge of the water and minimizing the deep sand portions until the final turn on the beach.

Final distance was 6.3 miles due to the running the edge of the water, time was 42:49 (6:49 mpm) good enough for 2nd masters male. I felt good the whole way and enjoyed the race in particularly as this was in memory of one of our local priests.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Yep I am moving. I am taking a position with a very large Multinational company where one of the business units is located in Long Island NY. So this means the big apple will have to put up with me.

I look forward to many visits from the bloggers. The racing and running scene looks awesome in NY!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week in Review.

This week I ran a decent week, 42.5 miles. I manage to get a decent balance in the week, one day of speed work, one day with a modest tempo (10 miles at 7:45 pace but I was dragging my tush), Sunday I did 8 miles of hill work, so overall I felt pretty good about the week. Next week will bump the mileage up and make my long run 13-15 miles now that I have worked on my base again. Need to get the mileage back up as I am down to 8 weeks to the Flying Pig and will do a full 10 day taper for it.

UNC did win the ACC tourney and I believe they will be a #1 seed in the NCAA. My guess is Florida, UNC, Ohio St and Kansas will be the #1's this year.

Looks like I may be moving to a new city. More to follow once I have all the paper work in hand and signed off (all work related).

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wed Ladder work out.

Due to flying on Thursday I moved my Thursday track work to Wednesday.

Today I did the following:

1 mile warm up

1 mile @6:40
1200m @ 4:50
800m @ 3:13
400m @ 85 sec
200m @40 sec

Each of the recovery runs was a 90 second jog of 200 meters

1 mile cool down

Total miles for the a.m. 5 miles

Tonight I do the slower 4-5 miles to get the rest of my mileage in.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tidbits of this and that

I have noticed several things all occurring at and around the same time. There are more race reports going on (Read Neese's for a most excellent race report). My buddy Andy is training like the crazed mad man he is (an outstanding runner in other words).

The Tri club is doing their never ending training. Check out Tri Shannon and Tri Sara for what is going on with them. Sara is teaching kids and when they misbehave she makes them work out with her. Shannon is a female stud.

Running Amy is now hanging out with Floyd Landis and is now a groupie. Transitions is still training so hard and doing great in it.

Jessi, Try Piggy have departed their blogs for a bit. Jessi is still hiding my socks and Piggy is looking for an asteroid.

The Black Knight is on death bed but will recover to plunder another race.

Firefly has started her own cat worshiping cult in Chicago.

Little miss Runner pants is going to cross over from the dark side and stop rooting for KU and become an UNC Fan (yeah for March Madness!).

I had been reading the Gingerbread Man's blog for almost 3 months before I realize he was a She! She is going to rock at Boston this April.

Running Rabbit is now a man hater (but just limited to the 30-39 age group) thankfully.

And finally, my favorite Coach, Coach Tammy, is working on some big news. I am sure it is either she is taking me to Europe or she has joined Wal Mart to represent them.

A lot going on with the blog world. I am swamped at work and flying to Chicago and NY this week.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yesterday I ran the Rumba 5K race which typically has about 600 runners and is generally a fun course to run. The race was a beautiful day with sun and temp right at 70 degrees.

The first race was the 1 mile fun run and I did that with my daughter (9 years old) and she ran her fastest 1 mile to date and we finished in 12:01. No matter how the 5K went I was already extremely happy with that run and seeing how hard she kept going during the whole mile.

My goal was to run the 5K race hard to gauge where I am at on speed work. I had been concerned how I have been doing and with the change in asthma medication I was hoping for better times than I had been doing.

Race splits:
Mile 1) 5:58 (right on target)
Mile 2) 6:27 (slowing more than I wanted to)
Mile 3) 6:39 (fell apart at this point)
last .1) 42 sec

Total time 19:48

Despite my slug time I finished 1st in the age group (M45-49) and 28th overall.

We had the masters runner run 15:36 (John Hinton who is Joan Nesbitt's husband). Overall winner was 15:12 and the male grand master ran 17:22. Some fast guys were there today.

I have plenty of work to do to get my speed back to the 5K shape after the flying Pig half marathon. Still despite my 5K time being about 30 seconds of where I hope to finish I was thrilled with my daughters time. It did make the whole day so worthwhile.

Enjoy the day everyone.

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