Monday, November 19, 2007

Race Report of the Mineloa Mustang 5K.

Today was one of those races that reflects the training that one has
put into the previous period. In other words my lack of consistent
training and doing speedwork really reflected.

This is a very popular race, it is a Long Island USATF Grand Prix race
and is just outside of the big bad city so it tends to be bigger and
more competitive. This year proved to be no different.

It was cold with temps in low 40's but fortunately the threat of rain
held off during the race.

Race started and my splits were 6:20/6:25/7:05 for a 5K time of 19:50
or 6:23 pace. Clearly my speed has really taken a hit with the lack
of doing any type of speed work.

I finished 64/847 overall and 12/63 in age group.

I have resolved myself when I get back from Thanksgiving to do a
weekly track session to work on my leg turnover.

Now comes the big challenge the turkey day race against my son in law.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mid week training plan correction

So here goes the week, it is looking good, doing a decent but hard 4 miles on Monday, did doubles on Tuesday for 10 miles and thinking I would run somewhere around 45-50 miles for the week when I see an email from Juan. Juan is our team captain for the racing team and I only get emails when their is a race and sure enough there is a race on Saturday that I forgot about.

So the decision was do I taper a little or screw the race and keep on my training plan to be able to run with Pace Bunny Shannon next October as well as my race on T day with son in law?

I decided to take Wednesday off, ran 5 on Thursday will do 4 on Friday (easy) and do what I can on the race. It is a 5K so it will give me some sense of where I am at in race condition. I will then do a double work out that afternoon and easy 10 miles on Sunday. Then comes the taper for the 5K on the race Thursday (Thanksgiving day) with son in law and the beer and cheesecake bet!

I am still working on the wedding crashing plans with Amy (I think a herd of sheep might be appropriate for her and Troy but considering other options also).

Enjoy the day everyone.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Week in Review

Work kept me busy a few days this week and simply did not have the time or opportunity to run as much. New boss is in place and he wanted to have after work dinners for a few days. I felt obligated to attend those dinners (probably smart move for my career) to go to them.

I ended up running 33 miles over 4 days. Most of that came on Saturday where I did 10.25 miles and Sunday where I did 12.25 miles. Both were primarily hill running as I build my base back up. I am thinking of heading to the track more but with a 4 mile race and a 5K race (against Son in Law in upstate NY) I want to go into them strong.

I did enjoy my weekend very much despite living in the non grit eating frozen state of New York. Frozen mornings like this remind me why I miss the South so much!

My soon to be 10 yr old has her first swim meet of the winter on her Birthday so I will be having to change dates for the B day. Glad I didn't send the invitations out yet.

Goal this week is to get in 40-45 miles. Next week will cut back but 2 races in 4 days will compensate for the speed work. Son In Law says he thinks he is ready to beat me so I am sure we will be pushing each other pretty hard on the 5K. I still have about 30 second edge even running like a sloth that I am. Goal on that is to be as close to 19:30 as possible.

Enjoy the day everyone!

P.S. After reading Tri Shannon's post I can tell she has agreed to be my pace bunny at Twin City Marathon next year. She rocks!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Week in review

This past week I took it easy and just ran 32.5 miles I am going to be just slowly getting my miles up and run between 32 and 45 miles over the next few months as I rebuild my base. The nice thing also is I am starting to feel the race bug and the need to go out and race hard and win hardware.

On a side note I have always been a big fan of the many triathlete's that are on my links. Coach Tammy, Sock Stealing Jessi, TriSara(I am a Mom)Tops and my hero Tri Shannon are all great athletes. So it is with no wonder that I am now training with a local elite Triathlete and we are starting to run together. She did her PR on the Ironman (Florida) in 2005 with a time of 10:14:22. She is looking to break 10 hrs this year. It will be interesting running with her as she is a far superior athlete to me and I plan on being pushed as I push her. Who knows we may end up running Twin City Marathon and shoot for a sub 3 hr marathon.

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