Sunday, March 30, 2008

Two weeks in review

It has been a very busy and joyful past couple of weeks. I spent easter weekend with my youngest daughter visiting my oldest daughter, son in law and grand daughter. While there I was able to go out for a 17 mile run with my son in law who is training for his first marathon. It was cold but nice and we had a good time running it together.

Earlier this week I was able to have another luncheon with TriSaraTops and baby Jackson for my every 6 week visit to our Akron OH facility. What a great looking boy he is (wearing some very adorable UNC clothing also!). Sara looked really good and is clearly getting back into her athletic shape after having the baby. She is also up for some special award for her community service as a Tri Athlete. Check out her blog for more details.

Today I ran a 5K and it was cold. I felt that I would not be at my best given the sunny but very breezy and chilly temperatures. The good news was apparently so was every one else. Times were slow and these are people I run normally against. Final time was 20:34 good enough for 11/204 overall and 2nd in age group. So given everything it was a good run at my 10K pace.

Oh yes and UNC is going to the final 4 and dook still sucks.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

St. Patrick's Race report

I ran the race making a last minute decision to do so. The race is in the Hampton's in Long Island boasting to be a flat fast course running through some of the most expensive properties in the US. I can say the course was flat and fast (plus long they admitted they started the race in the wrong spot.

The 3.2 mile race was a beautiful course and the mansions were amazing. Truly fun to see what some peoples style of living was.

As far as the race I had run some hard hills on Saturday and was still feeling the race from last weekend along with having a sore right knee. The intent of the race was to simply break 20 min and call it a tempo run. I did my usual 2.5 mile warm up and after a 15 min delay we took off.

I quickly settled into my pace (slow for me) and crossed the 1st mile at 6:15 but felt ok. I pretty much kept up the same pace and we all settled into the order we were going to finish. The only fun was around the half way mark a young male passed me and eventually pulled about 50-70 meters ahead of me. I hit the 2 mile mark at 6:20 and was still feeling good.

3rd mile I did in 6:18 and eventually caught the kid who had passed me and I could tell he was spent. I kicked a little but realized that the finish was further than I thought and just held onto the pace. Final time was 20:11 (19:31 on the 5K mark) and finished 7th overall out of roughly 100 and 1st in the age group (M40-49).

Given how I ran last week and the extra miles I did yesterday I was pleased with my time. I do believe on a flat course with accurate measurements I can break 19 again. It still remains a goal of mine this year.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Putting it in perspective.

I had intended to make some lame attempt to write something witty but the past few days have put things into perspective. I ran a 15K on Saturday that may have been the most challenging course I have run outside of a 10K that I do in the summer. Time was 1:06:13 finished 63/654 and 12/64 in age group. I know I can do better but that isn't what put it in perspective.

I went to graduate school at University of North Carolina where the student body president was murdered a few days ago. She was a very bright, beautiful young woman who had so much going for her and someone just eliminated it in a blink of an eye. What a waste and I can only hope that the person who did such a horrible thing lives with it everyday of their worthless life.

On the brighter side dook lost to UNC (dook still sucks). UNC should be a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament and I think they have a real shot at the title this year.

YTD Stats:

Run 211.4 miles
Swim 8,650 meters
Bike 398.85 miles

Sunday I did a recovery run of 5 miles with a 14.4 mile bike ride and I am still sore.

Oh I did get a picture in the mail of Running Amy and she and Troy are such a good looking couple. Need to find the right kind of gift (thinking sheep still) for them! Also check out my running buddy Andy's blog, he is more nuts than I am for doing a race that the truly nutty ones would do!! Good luck Andy, if you live let us know how it goes.

Enjoy the week and if you have a few moments remember those who have passed away. It does put it in perspective for us.

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