Monday, June 25, 2007

4 Mile Championship Race Results

Saturday I ran the 4 mile Long Island Championship race. It was a beautiful day, sunny with a nice breeze and temps around 70 with no humidity. This race was further east than I realized and good thing I left plenty early.

Did my warm up of 2.75 miles and and the course is advertised as a flat fast course. I could see a little hill for the start (going down so knew their would be one on the way up somewhere). Took off and felt comfortable and did the first mile at about 6:12. Mile 2 was flat and settled into a pace and hit the 2nd mile at 6:30 (tad slower than I hoped but not to far off). Mile 3 came and everything fell apart for me. The hill that was relatively flat seemed to take it out of me. It was a steady climb with an elevation change of 350 feet and more than anything I lost focus on it. Mile 3 came and pace was down to 7:42. Mile 4 I did what I could and hit it about 6:45.

Total time 27:12 6:44 pace. Finished 43/647 overall and 10/48 in M45-49 age group. I was seriously disappointed with my time and effort in the second half of the race. Ran the 4 mile race at the same pace as a 15K race. I still think I should have ran sub 26 on this course but it just didn't happen today. There is always next year though.

I am taking a break from racing for a few weeks and next race is a 5 miler on July 14th.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Going to try to run with the big dogs this weekend.

This Saturday is the Long Island 4 Mile Championship race and this is a USATF sponsored event. This race promises to bring out the best in the NY area as I understand it so I decided to drag my sloth body to the race and see how I can do. My goal is to run anything under 26 minutes (6:30 pace) and hopefully have a top 10 in the age group placement. I ran an easy 6.1 miles last night, will do 4 or so tonight and take two days off to rest the legs.

All this is in preparation for my trip to Seattle where I will do my annual race with Coach Tammy (she did the Olympic Tri this weekend). Hopefully this year Jessi (who just ran a great tri)and her soon to be husband Tom (just watch your socks around them) will make it also. Tammy and Jess are awesome athletes.

If you get a chance read their race reports plus my blog buddy's race report in Colorado, Tri Shannon. She also did a great tri this weekend. She was very impressive with her race.

These women are all amazing athletes with their times and effort they put into the training and the races. They think I am fast (they are very kind to me) but I admire them. I think they are great athletes!

Enjoy the day everyone.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Today I finished my 3rd 5K race in the past 5 days and this was a
really fun race. It was in memory of a fire chief who died in the
line of duty on father's day 6 years ago and the turn out was
enormous. Total for both the 5K race and the 1 mile fun run exceeded
over 2,000.

It was a hot day with temps at the start already 86 and it hit 90 by
the time we finished. With the tired legs from yesterday's race and
the heat I knew it would be a real challenge to run back to back sub
20 min 5K's and it turned out it wasn't meant to be.

The only real complaint I had was at the start of the race a bunch of
kids jumped up near the front after they were told not to. Many of
the kids were pushed out of the way and a few did hit the pavement
unfortunately but they should have not started the race and made them
go to the back where they belong.

Splits were:

Mile 1) 6:15
Mile 2) 6:39
Mile 3) 6:43
Mile .1) 0:48

Total Time 20:26 avg pace of 6:35

Overall finished 30 out 1,449 who finished, 5/107 in M 45-49 age group
but 1st in Military or prior Military age group. I was very happy
with this as it was a beautiful piece of hardware. If I hadn't done
the race yesterday I would have most likely taken 3rd in the age group.

On a side note I did pass the same guy again at around 1.5 mile mark
that I had beaten the last two races. I could see he was struggling
and did come in about 2 minutes behind me. Heat really got to him.

They had a great post race meal, free beer and ice cream. I really
enjoyed the day at the race and was a nice end to the speed week training.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Diamond Dash 5K Race Results

Today I did the first of two 5K's this weekend. With the goal to start racing myself back into 5K shape this was a good opportunity to see how I was doing especially after doing the speed workout 5K on Wednesday.

Weather was a tad warm at 75 degrees but a nice gentle wind was blowing so I never felt heat was an issue.

Roughly 700 people showed up for this race and I knew it was going to be competitive when I saw several of the running clubs show up in force.

Did my usual 2.25 mile warm up and then did the race.

Mile 1) 6:03
Mile 2) 6:31
Last 1.1 mile) 7:12

Total time was 19:47 for a 6:22 pace

Mile 1 was a tad short according to my garmin and mile 2 compensated for it.

Overall 33rd, 5/35 in M 45-49 age group. No hardware but still I enjoyed it. The guy who I beat on Wednesday by 6 seconds for 2nd place was there and he was ahead of me the whole way. I was slowly realing him in and caught up with about a 100 meters to go. At that point we both did a semi kick (not much in the tank though) and I beat him by 1 second. It was his PR so he was pretty happy.

Tomorrow I hope to break 20 minutes.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Follow up to Running Faster questions.

Yesterday I posted about a race and the question Neese asked and others followed up is how do you get faster. A great question and others have asked it before.

First I want to remind everyone speed is relative. For some a 20 min 5K is flying, for others it would be really slow. That being said here is my response.

Each of us are different and unique. You can only do so much with what was given to you by your parents. However a few simple things have been proven to work.

First you need to have a good base mileage. For me that is 40 miles a week. Their are a lot of plans out their but the vast majority all have some base mileage of x miles.

Second thing I believe you have to do is go to the track. For the 5K I believe strongly in doing 200 meter runs and toss in some 400/800 meters. Why the 200 meter run? Foot turnover. I run my 200's around 35 seconds, take a 90 second job and do it again for 8-10 times. It is critical to do the speedwork.

Third, find some hills. Hills are your best friend. They make you stronger, faster and teach you to run when your not comfortable.

Fourth, nothing replaces running. The machines at the gym keep you in good cardio shape but will not make you faster.

Fifth, have a plan. Make sure you target a race and for the 5K 6 weeks out is usually sufficient.

Sixth, for a 5K a little taper is needed but not a whole lot. I see to many runners take to much time off for the 5K and treat it much like a longer race.

Seventh, and the most critical, for the 5K you just have to accept it is going to hurt. To run it fast you are running at 88-92% of effort. Basically you are pushing the whole way. To run the 5K effectively you will be running way above your comfort zone. I maintain to run a 5K well it is harder than a marathon. Not everyone agrees but to push yourself at the higher effort is very difficult. I have severe asthma so for me I know I am hitting my full out when I cross the finish line and either getting sick or passing out. I know that maybe a bit extreme but that is how I gauge myself.

I am 46 and for me a good time is sub 19 minutes. That is my goal and something I am going to do this fall.

Good luck to all who want to get faster, just believe in it and go for it!!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

After flying back from NC and spending two days with packers and movers to move the sty north, I arrived in time to do the weekly Wednesday night summer 5K. The weather was not as nice and the crowd was smaller as a result.

I ran consistent with the past few weeks, finished in a time of 20:28 (6:35 pace). 6th out of 128 and 2nd out of 15 in A/G (M45-49). The fun part was I was not pushing still running at 15K pace and effort was only 74%. Came in handy at the end having the extra energy when I caught the two guys in front of me with a half mile to go. Both were in my age group and I recognize them and I just drafted until 200 meters to go. As I pulled up to them I said their was one guy in our age group ahead of us so we were racing for 2nd and 3rd place. One guy kicked and we all took off but they faded and I did a decent kick of 75 seconds. Finished 8 seconds ahead of 3rd A/G place guy and 14 seconds ahead of the guy who finished 4th in A/G.

Fun night and look forward to doing a race or two this weekend.

Enjoy the day everyone.


P.S. Note to Jessi, speed is relative. I know for some that is fast for others it is slow. My expectations for my target 5K race this fall is sub 19 min. I have 30 second per mile to knock off and run closer to 90% effort.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Last night I did my second Wednesday night 5K race. This is a mid week race sponsored by my running club and as the weather was very nice we had a bigger turnout. Roughly 250 people showed up and it was a nice night for the run. I approach these Midweek races more as speedwork out rather than a true race for myself.

I did a 1.75 mile warm up (ran late and didn't have time to do a full warm up run) and then we started the race.My time was 20:30 or a 6:34 pace. I finished 12th overall and 4th in the age group.

I am not holding onto a decent pace still for my 5K times and just have to remain patient with attempting to go faster at this point. It will take time to get back to 5K shape.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Sunday, June 03, 2007

I ran the 5 mile race today.

It was a competitive race as it was one of Long Islands Grand Prix Races in conjunction with a Duathalon. First mile went well on pace (6:22) and then the whole thing fell apart for me. Basically asthma kicked in and ran the race lighted headed and getting sick every mile or so. At the end I had to be helped to the water and medical for oxygen.

Final time was 34:48 or a 6:52 pace. I was 8th out of 28 in age group (M45-49) and 42nd out of 265 who competed for the 5 mile competitive category. It was my 3rd worse 5 miler race I have run (one other when I was really sick and the other was on a very difficult course). Long hours at work, lack of sleep and new pollens are not helping me right now.

Tomorrow I will run and see how it feels.

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