Sunday, August 26, 2007

Week in Review:

Not much to report this week, doctors are still not talking to me fully on the kidney issues. Looks like a kidney stone and hopefully that will be the last of that. Trust me it isn't much fun to have one of those.

This week I ran 35.75 miles mainly hills. Starting with Monday I was able to run from Capital Hill in Seattle over some other hill and then run over the I 90 floating bridge. It was a tough fun run and really fun.

Tuesday I was in Galena Illinois (about 2.5 hrs from Chicago and ran hills there. Much more humid than Seattle but still was fun. Did another run while I was there on Wednesday.

Thursday I was back in NY and ran every day but Thursday. Really worked on doing more hills also and really trying to get back into running more consistent than I have been. Last few races reflect the training I have put into it.

I am also doing each night when I am in town a 1 mile walk with my youngest. She is 9 yrs old and we spend that time talking and of course she is getting exercise. This is very important to me that she learn to incorporate exercise into her life. She enjoys swimming and being a critter running around but at the same time I want her to have a everyday routine. We usually do this after dinner now.

By the way make sure you give TriShannon your best wishes and support. She is going to race an Ironman Wisconsin in a few short weeks. She is a remarkable athlete and I have been tracking her blog and progress for several months now. I am proud of her accomplishments and very impressed by what she has done.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Seattle Trip and race report.

Friday I traveled to Seattle to see family and friends. While there I elected to do a 10K. In hind sight I probably should have skipped it and just done a training run. Friday proved to be a travel day from hell as I was re routed around the country and after 12.5 hours I finally made it into Seattle around 5 pm. After meeting my friends and having dinner I settled down for the night and before I knew it I was up and getting ready for the race.

We arrived a bit later than I would have liked but was able to register and do a 1.5 mile warm up. Race started and off we went. First half of the race went well, ran a steady 6:30 pace which was my goal. Unfortunately at the turn around point I could feel my legs giving out and began to slow down. Last half of the race was slow with miles around the 7 min pace.

Final time was 42:16 for a 6:45 pace.

The most interesting thing was the end when I went to find the results they told me I was 47th and 9th in my age group. That struck me odd as I knew there were some folks ahead of me but that seem high given I had seen who was ahead of me at the turn around. I asked my friend who was there and he had counted 28 people ahead of me which was consistent with what I was thinking. The event did have a 5K race that started 20 minutes after we did and it turned out they combined the race databases and did not split it out. So I don't know yet how I did relative to age group but appears that I was about 29th overall out of 300-400 who did the 10K.

I did manage to go to the zoo with Coach Tammy afterwards and enjoyed the visit to the zoo. The zoo was much smaller than I remembered which was good as I was tired and ready for a nap after the stroll.

I am currently writing this from the Seattle Airport on my way to Dubuque Iowa and everything is delayed. The fun for traveling continues and it looks like I will be staying over for the night in Chicago.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Merchant Mile Race Report

Today I ran the 1 mile race. This is the first time as a master runner I have done a mile race. Given the issues I have been having with my heels, kidney's and lack of consistent running I was hoping for a time on or around 5:45. I knew despite everything I should be able to kick out a sub 6 min mile.

The mile race is done on the street with a point to point course, fairly flat and just a few small gentle winding curves but they were not much of an issue. Weather was decent and they do the race in waves. I was slotted for the first wave which is the Master's competitive runners. The expectations is everyone should do sub 6:30.

There were 90 of us in this group. I did a nice 3.5 mile warm up and was as ready as I was ever going to be. Left heel was bothering me some but I didn't think much about it.

Race started, I went out quickly and then settled into my pace. I hit the first half mile at 2:42 and was feeling it. Last half seem to take forever and I finished it in 2:45 and only because of the final kick in the last 100 meters. I was passed by two runners but caught 3 others for the mad scramble to finish. Final time was 5:27 which was good enough for 14th in my wave and 6/26 in the age group. Top two in my age group finished sub 5 min miles. I did do my usual 2 mile cool down run.

Overall I was pleased with the race despite hurting like the dickens at the end of it. Running the mile is hard work. I believe I could take another 10-12 seconds off with some decent training.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kidney's update

It looks like I will be back at the doctor's on Tuesday for more testing. The first diagnosis was kidney stones (for you women I have a better understanding of child birth now). Still they saw something or felt something to warrant more testing. In the era of worrying about being sued they just want to be cautious (I am paraphrasing now). So until they find something or decide I am worm bait I will keep doing what I do best. I will run, eat chocolate, annoy my children to no end, and go to work.

This week was rough work wise only ran on 5 days so just 33 miles in. Since the doctor didn't say not to run I will keep running (no one every said I was the bright light bulb! Besides it helps with the discomfort and keeps me sane). This week will be a bit easier so I should be able to get back to running a more normal schedule (assuming everything is okay so to speak).

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. They do mean a lot to me.

Enjoy your day!

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