Saturday, April 28, 2007

I ran this 5K race and had not done this one in several years. It was a strange day for all things considered. We arrived at the spot but very few cars where there (turned out they moved the start and didn't tell anyone). We eventually found the registration and after was registered only had enough time for a short 1.4 mile warm up. The weather was warm with temps already at 75 degrees. I went to take my inhaler for asthma and realized I left it at the home.

The race started and splits were as follows:

Mile 1) 6:05
Mile 2) 6:32
Mile 3) 6:47
.1) :47

Time was 20:15

In the 3rd mile I had leg cramps in the left calf and some real tightness. I eventually was able to finish the race and then stretch it out.

It was a small race, I finished 2nd out of 68.

I look forward to the taper for the Pig half next week.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spinal Victory 10 Mile Race Report

Today I ran my second race in Long Island. It was a beautiful day finally (it took 3 weeks before the sun came out). They had both a 5K and the 10 miler with about 300 and 200 runners in each.

This was a training run for me with a goal to run 68 min but no more than 70 min. I felt this was very achievable given the up and down training I have had recently. Despite the long hours at work and the tired legs I did my usual 2+ mile warm up and went to the starting line.

First 3 miles were on target and then I began to cramp. I had leg cramps in my calves and the left hamstring off and on from that point to the end of the race.

Here are the mile splits:


Total time was 1:11:17
Finished 2nd in A/G and I think around 18th overall of the 200 or so that entered.

The last mile of the race was a bit more fun. The guy who beat me by 8 seconds at last weeks race caught up to me as well as the guy who was right behind me at the same race. I knew both were in my age group so I stayed with them until the last .1 mile. At that point we all sprinted and I beat them both by 7 seconds. The guy from last week who finished 3rd in A/G finished 4th in the A/G this time.

I see a big nap in my future today and more stretching of the legs.

Enjoy the day everyone!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Latest Update

I am still working a lot of hours. Yesterday I planned on my 2 x day run but only was able to sneak in a 5 mile race. Oh well, such is work (Coach Tammy makes me work way to much).

I am doing a 10 mile race on Sunday. Suppose to be hard, very competitive and a real challenge. It will give me an indication where I am at in my current state of slothness. I will not take any break for this and just do this as part of a 40 mile week. Last hard week before the Pig (Try Piggy is still making me run this in honor of him).

Boston was on Monday and several of my friends ran it and pretty much described it as the race from hell. Times were down and wind was a real factor. I hope they all recover quickly.

As a side note on Boston, my blog buddy Gingerbreadman did it and she did great. She is a great runner! About 4 months ago after reading her blog for 2 months I did realize that Gingerbreadman was a she. Monday I found out Gingerbreadman isn't even named Ginger.

I decided to clean up some of the blog links I had. A couple of blogs basically were pulled down from their owners. A few bloggers never stop by anymore so it was time to do some house cleaning.

Shannon has excess chocolate and I am trying my best to convince her to send it to me. Yep I have a chocolate (and diet coke)_ problem. Oh well, if your going to be slothman then might as well enjoy the food!

Enjoy the day everyone.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Running and work update

I have successfully completed two weeks of work (and even received my first pay check!) but the hours were really long. First week I worked 70 hours and last week cut it back to 60. My running has shown the results of that with only 36 miles last week and may just barely get over 30 this week. I am enjoying my new job though!

Today I ran a 5 mile race that is well established and I was told it was tough. It was probably one of the more difficult races for me as I had not slept well and did not know the course. The course is very hilly and was a good indicator for the flying pig half marathon.

Split times were:
1) 6:17
2) 6:41
3) 6:55
4) 8:15 (really big hill for 1.25 miles and went up 800 feet elevation change)
5) 6:59

Total time was 35:11 finished 4th in A/G. Not sure where I was overall but probably around 25th or so. I would have placed in the 3 younger age groups but didn't this time. I missed it by 8 seconds and another 100 meters I think I would have caught the 3rd place finisher in my age group.

I didn't even run this in my racing shoes and worked more on pacing and getting use to racing on really big hills again. Tomorrow I will do a 4 mile race and do it in conjunction with my 15 miler I have planned.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Week in Review

I did have a decent week of training this week. With a month to go to the Pig Half Marathon I needed to step up the training and get more serious.

Total miles for the week was 46 and included 1 day of speed work, 2 days of hills (one very hard with speed drills in it).

I am running my 8 x 800's comfortably at a 3:10 pace with a 90 second jog recovery and when I get serious for the 5K training will work on them back to the 2:55 pace.

Long run was only 13.55 miles this week at a 8:09 pace with the group. Ran and chatted the whole way and just enjoyed my last group run in Wilmington.

Highlight of the week was taking my youngest to the aquarium in Charleston and staying the night with the fishes (school outing for the night field trip). Saturday I drove up after the group run to Chapel Hill and visited oldest son and then made it to Baltimore for the night. Sunday I made it to Long Island where I am settled in a Hilton Garden in for the next 2 months.

I look forward to joining the running clubs here and participate in new races.

Enjoy the day everyone.


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