Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back from Vacation

I was off work last week in VT with Marsha and enjoyed an enjoyable time doing vacation things. I went to the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory, visited an apple cider and apple pie making location, shopped a little, ate a lot and of course did some running. It was nice to run in the mountains again and the course I was running was all uphill at first and then leveled out. The view was incredible along with the quietness of it. Snow was not much of an issue fortunately and the single digit temps were not a problem.

We stayed in a nice Bed and Breakfast and both Marsha and I enjoyed just doing a lot of resting.

Here are a few pictures of the place I went running:

and here is a different view of the mountain I was running up:

I started at the base of it and ran the 1300 ft it takes to get to the top where I was. I was down to 10 min miles by the top and felt it in the legs. Of course coming back I was running closer to 6 min miles and felt good!

YTD Stats (as of Sat 2/23/08)

Run 145.65 miles
Bike 339.75 miles
Swim 7,650 meters

Running is still behind schedule but getting better. Still feel a little twinge of the tendinitis so it is a careful balance with the mileage and ensuring the leg stays injury free.

Enjoy the week everyone.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Week in Review

I still haven't done my Sunday workout but will be shortly after my daughter wakes up. Goal is to run 5.1 miles and then head to the gym for time on the bike and swimming.

Overall I am dealing with tired legs at this point. This week I will run 30 miles, bike 55 miles and swim 1500 meters. Yesterday I pushed myself a bit with the 6.2 hill run, the 15 mile bike ride and the 600 meter swim.

The biking is the part I dislike the most. Pretty much the bike and I have an understanding and that is we despise each other. Still I need to do as I recover from tendinitis and does make for good cross training.

I have no plans for doing a tri either. I enjoy the training side of it but my focus is on running and doing well on races.

YTD (as of Feb 2nd) here is how I am doing:

YTD Act Goal % Accomplished
Swim 4,000 35,000 11.4%
Bike 192.35 3,000 6.4%
Run 59.65 1,650 3.6%

Swimming is in meters and the biking and running are in miles. I am behind on both biking and running for the overall goals.

Enjoy the day everyone and despite the silly game called the super bowl I do want to point out the UNC tarheels are playing today.

Go Heels!

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