Thursday, June 29, 2006

Here is a pace chart that was posted elsewhere (yep I stole it from another runner on his running board post!). I like looking at the these and see how close I come to them.

For me I have found that using the 5K as a bench mark that most calculators underestimate the 1 mile or 2 mile times I run and for the longer distances they tend to be a bit agressive on the times for me. Still all in all they are pretty reasonably accurate within a minute on the half marathon.

The good news is this predicts a 3:10:00 marathon for me giving me a 20 min cushion for qualifying for boston. Unfortunately it does mean I have to still do the running and put in the miles (wondering if I can get fellow blogger Tryathlete to do the miles for me!).

For the Las Vegas marathon I am just planning to shoot for a 3:20 ish marathon as not to push to hard (it is all relative for each of us) so I can recover and abuse myself at Gasparilla in February. I still want to break 3hrs for the Jeep Challenge there and hopefully win more hardware and more cool clothing!

Enjoy the day everyone and as I will probably not post till after the holidays, enjoy the long weekend for the US runners!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Weight gain and obesity study.

Today on there is an article about weight gain and the 10 most common reasons. I thought it was an interesting article and here are the top 10 reasons:

1. Inadequate sleep. (Average sleep amounts have fallen, and many studies tie sleep deprivation to weight gain.)

2. Endocrine disruptors, which are substances in some foods that may alter fats in the body.

3. Nice temperatures. (Air conditioning and heating limit calories burned from sweating and shivering.)

4. Fewer people smoking. (Less appetite suppression.)

5. Medicines that cause weight gain.

6. Population changes. (More middle-agers and Hispanics, who have higher obesity rates.)

7. Older birth moms. (That correlates with heavier children).

8. Genetic influences during pregnancy.

9. Darwinian natural selection. (Fat people outsurvive skinny ones).

10. Assortative mating, or "like mating with like," as Allison puts it. Translation: fat people procreating with others of the same body type, gradually skewing the population toward the heavy end.

Some of the reasons listed are interesting and some I am skeptical on. I still believe for most (not all because some folks do have real genetics/dna/medical issues) that their is growing weight gain due to lack of excercise and poor eating habits among most Americans.

So it appears we can conclude that most Americans are pill popping tired people working to hard that gave up smoking in the air conditioned building with older mom's. Interesting to say the least!

Enjoy the day everyone.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Lame week of running.

After the fun week of running in Seattle and meeting the Tamster, reality of work, life and the balance struck this past week. I hit a low mileage of just 27 miles for the past week which is sort of good as I have a couple of hard races coming up. However I normally would cut back to 35 miles for the 5K on this coming saturday and 20 miles for the 10K on July 8th.

Both of these races I hate. The 5K I have not yet broken 20 minutes on as it is bloody hot and humid. Fortunately it is over and takes me most of the day to recover. Typically the heat index is around 100 degrees and you see the steam rising from the ground. Does wonders for my asthma!

July 8th is the Tri Span 10K. This is basically the race from hell. To say I hate this race is an understatement. Every year there is something new that happens to me. 4yrs ago I pulled a hamstring on the race (56 min time PW), 3 yrs ago I broke 6 ribs in a bike accident a two weeks prior (50 min 3rd worse PW) to the race, two years ago i was rear ended 2 days before the race (concussion and bruising face etc left dr to go run race and then came back) time was 48 min, and last year two days before the race was stuck in the Philadelphia airport for 9 hrs and got in at 3 am and sort of slept off and on for a day before doing the race (just under 44 min). On top of this, it is usually close to 90 degrees and extremely humid with 3 steep bridges to run over along with a 1 mile stretch on asphalt (you just bake on it). So why do I run it? I run it because it is part of the grand prix (GP) race series and hate losing GP points.

Plan on an easy 30 mile running week and cut back to 20 miles the week after. Then I get serious about my running again and start my Las Vegas Marathon training (I am going to get BQ!) Besides if I dont run hard, fellow bloggers Dani and Running Rabbit will get so fast I will never catch them on a marathon!

Enjoy the day everyone.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fall City Race Pics

Here are some pics of me, my son, son in law and fellow blogger Tammy (she is really nice and very beautiful by the way). This is me.

It was a great day for me despite the poor race time, I am still happy as a sun baked clam that everyone there PR'd the race. I was really pleased to see my son drop 7 minutes (and 65 lbs) from his last race. My son is in the black shirt looking way to serious

Son in law creeped a little closer to me but I am still alpha dog in this family! (Son in law)

Here are the four of us and Tammy looking far better than the rest of us. In order it is my son in law, son, myself and Tammy.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fall City 5K results.

Let me start off saying I did not have a good race (just tired more than anything) but it ended up being a wonderful day for me. I ran a 19:40 5K finished 17th overall and 4th in my age group. I was annoyed with my time as if I had run my normal race I would have won hardware. However the overall competition was not strong this year as in years past.

The good news is my son and son in law both set PR's! Son in law ran 20:50 and my son ran 22:50. I was pleased with their results!

Tammy joined us and she ran a great race. She set a new PR on her race despite me finding a way to annoy her to do faster.

After that Dan and Tammy elected to torture me by making me hike up Mt. Si. So another 4 hrs of fun going up a mountain and looking my best!

I will post pictures when I return back from vacation!

Enjoy the day everyone.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am off on my trip to Seattle! Going to visit my son who is in school there along with my oldest and her husband who are also flying from NY to visit us. We plan on doing a 5K race out there in Fall City that will be extremely competitive and I look forward to it. Goal is to run close to 19 min and finish in top 10 in age group (M 40-49). By the way I hate 10 year age groups!

Will visit some friends, family and go hiking up one of the local mountains also.

Should be a good trip.

Enjoy the day everyone and look forward to posting the race results when I get back.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Decent training week.

Last week I was able to run all 7 days and made 8 runs total. Total mileage was 48.1 miles for the week including two runs in the rain, one small dog that thought it might want to get stepped on and some really warm weather.

I am prepping for the marathon training schedule that I will start working on in a few weeks. I plan on doing the Las Vegas Marathon and will shoot for a goal of sub 3:20:00 (hopefully closer to 3:10:00) but have to run at least 3:30:59 to qualify for Boston. I really do hate the marathon so it will make me do some serious training. I will have a few 55-65 mile weeks in the schedule and hope to drop a few lbs on the way.

Enjoy the day everyone!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


New non running pics of my youngest critter!

These are all recent over the past week and I wish I had some from our father daughter fun runs.

Enjoy them as much as I do, she is a beautiful young girl!

First pic was for her first play at the City Theater. Over 500 people attended and while she only had a few lines and sang in the chorus she did wonderful

It rained on me.

Last night it rained while I ran. Not a little rain, but a hard downpour. Lightning in the background (far away) with occasional thunder. Roads were empty, streets were slightly flooded and I had a blast doing it. It is fun to see the looks I get when I run in the bizarre weather and the conversations people must be having.

I wonder if they knew how much fun a simple 5 mile run in the rain can be. Ask any kid, they love to play in the rain!

It does make it all so enjoyable.

Enjoy the day everyone.

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