Thursday, August 31, 2006

Speed Thursday (or dreams of speed anyway)

I was at the track at 5:15 am to run 400's with my speed partner (and racing nemis Melanie who is my oldest daughters age). We agreed the night before to focus on 400's this week and try for more speed and leg turnover.

It was already 81 degrees and 98% humidity. With Ernesto coming this way the heat and humidity made the running tough, asthma kicked in and I have been fighting some flu like bug all week (aches, soreness, overwhelming desire to be run over by a truck so the stomach cramps would stop etc).

So here was the best I could do on my so called speed day. Each lap had a 90 sec recovery period:

1) 1:39 (I am a slug as you can tell we decided to push)
2) 1:26
3) 1:28
4) 1:28
5) 1:30 (target pace)
6) 1:29
7) 1:27
8) 1:28

Did the 1 mile warm up and 1.5 mile cool down. Only got sick twice doing laps (lap 5 and lap 7). So I was probably going as hard as the body could go for the day.

As requested by Speedy rabbit here are some pics of the newest runner in the household. You can see my daughter, son in law and little runner Natalie in the pic:

Well maybe later. For whatever reason blogger isnt allowing me to add photo's today. Probably annoyed at me for TMI!

Enjoy the day everyone.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Week in Review

Another week down in the quest for the BQ at the Las Vegas Marathon. Total miles for the week 56.5 miles including a 16.5 mile run on Saturday and ongoing speed work on Thursday.

I could feel how tired I was on my 8 mile run today. I am taking Monday off to rest and recover.

Overall training is 7 weeks down out of the 22 weeks. I am 49.25 miles ahead of schedule in part I am also going to attempt to run a 1:29:00 half marathon mid November and set my Masters PR on a difficult course. It will give me a feel for how I am doing on the Marathon.

A quick note about speed work outs. Speed is relative and work outs need to be tailored to each individual and what their goals are. I am a big believer for the 5K that 200/400 meters are the ideal work outs. Most runners need to learn leg turnover and setting a fast 200 is critical for that. Feel free to email me off line and I will be happy to give you some thoughts on what the splits should be for them.

Grandbaby continues to thrive so life is good.

Enjoy the day everyone!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another Speed Thursday Workout

Yes it was speed work out Thursday even though not quiet as speedy as last week. I didn't sleep well this week (babies are my new excuse along with no new socks from Jessi) however I drug this aging carcass to the track and did the usual 1 mile warm up.

Again 8 x800 meter runs with 2 min recovery between laps:

1) 3:08
2) 3:11
3) 3:05
4) 3:08
5) 3:03
6) 3:08
7) 2:55
8) 2:57

2 mile cool down after that. I still plan on doing an easy 4 or so miles this afternoon to loosen a stiff back up.

If you haven't checked out Tammy's blog (I wish I knew how to link in here but she is listed on people I track) she wrote a most excellent article on breathing and excercise. Check her site out she routinely writes great articles and is a great athlete.

First week of school is in session and my youngest is enjoying her first days very much. To all the teachers, Running Rabbit, TriSara and TryPiggy (hope I didnt miss anyone) I will be hoping you all have a wonderful year teaching. And by the way thanks for educating our young folks!

Enjoy the day everyone.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Baby News!

Well it is a non running topic but today my daughter delivered a baby girl! My daughter, son in law and baby (her name is Natalie) are all doing fine. It was about 2 weeks earlier than expected but all is good.

So a new possible running member in the house! Off to NY in the next month will be in order!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Week in Review

It was a planned easy week this week before I start getting serious for the next few weeks on doing some more intense training. Ran just 38 miles this week and did end up taking last Monday and Friday off. Only hard day was Thursday where I did my speed work out. Saturday and Sunday were both easy 10 milers.

This coming week should be more challenging with my usual speed work out on Thursday, 16 or so miles on Saturday and the usual 10 miler on Sunday. I will probably be in mid 50 miler range for miles as I start increasing my mileage up and peak out at the mid to upper 60 mile weeks.

Goals continue to be run a sub 1:30:00 on a challenging half marathon course in November and do around 3:15:00 for the Las Vegas Marathon.

The sock quest continues. I waited for Jessi to send some but she agreed to run 3 min half miles and I accepted that in lieu of socks. She is going to get faster and faster! Running Rabbit has some newly red minted socks but I will pass on those as I only prefer white socks at this time. Perhaps DG has socks but she might be stuffing them in some peoples mouth at her work by now so I guess I am off this week to look for the right running socks for me again!

Enjoy the day everyone.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Speed Thursday workout

Yep it is that day again and once more I woke up before the sun was up and went to the track at 5:30 am for speed workouts. Bit cooler and tad less humid this time and the need for speed was burning for a change:

The goal was to run 8 x 800 with each one a tad faster than the one before it.

Here are the splits:
1) 3:13 (still waking up)
2) 3:08
3) 3:07
4) 3:03
5) 3:02
6) 2:57
7) 2:57
8) 2:56

2 min rest in between with a 1 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down.

The easier week this week (took Monday off and only ran 5 on Tue and 6 on Wed) really helped.

I also decided it was time to get new socks (funny thing to think of while running splits I know) so off to the store today for new socks (unless blog mate Jessi will use her new wealth from her second job to send me Socks!).

Training for the marathon continues to go well. Planning on an easy 4 miles on Friday and then 13 or so on Sat with a 10 miler on Sunday.

Enjoy the day everyone!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another Long running week

I ran 54.25 miles this week including the speed work on Thursday. For the past 4 weeks that gives me 199.25 miles and I feel like I have finally had a good base to to build on in preparation for the Las Vegas Marathon training. Only downer is Saturday I had problems with my left knee on the 13 mile run and on todays run at the end of 10 miles I could feel it starting to tweak some.

I was particularly happy to get the miles in considering how just plain hot and miserable it has been.

This week will be a cut back week. Plan is to run around 35 miles and make sure the knee is fine. The following week I will start the longer runs with runs in the 15-20 mile ranges and get the body use to the longer distances. I will continue to do the speed work out on Thursdays and plan on doing more 800 and 1200 meter work outs along with the alternating weeks of 400 meters.

Enjoy the day everyone!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Semi Speed Thursday work out

Today was suppose to be my speed work out but was cut short due to school coming back in session. I ran the 1.75 miles down to the local high school and they were getting ready to have a silly football game. Some sort of scrimmage from what I could gather. So I had a little time to go out and was able to get in 4 400m runs.

Times were:
1) 82
2) 83
3) 85
4) 83

90 second recovery in between the laps. Fun part was the crowd was slowly coming in and I was doing this in front of about 75-100 people and the last lap was with the football team coming out of the stadium. Was strange doing this in front of the crowd and all I could think was don't fall and don't quit! After the last lap a few of the players came over and commented that I was going pretty quick and looked good. It was a nice ego boost to hear that!

Ended up taking a long loop back and finished with 6.25 miles for the am. I will probably go out this afternoon and do an easy 3-5 miles just to keep the legs moving.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Las Vegas Marathon Training Update

I am in week 4 of my 22 week training for the Las Vegas marathon. First week was a bit slow due to a race but the past 3 weeks I have run 145 miles (48.3 mile avg weeks) and feel real good. I am going to force myself to take tomorrow off (yes the thing I tell running blog mates DG and Running Rabbit to do) and rest. My legs are feeling it a bit especially after Saturday's 11.65 mile run and then standing for 3.5 hrs and watching the most awesome 8 yr old in the whole world swim in her competition. She set new PR's for herself in the back, breast and fly events!! Sunday I did an easy 10 miler at an 8 min pace due to the humidity.

I have been impressed by the awesome Coach Tammy for her achievements the past few weeks along with all the teachers who are starting to gear up for school (TriSara, TryPiggy to name a few). If nothing else I appreciate the effort of the teachers who's blogs I faithfully read.

As part of my Las Vegas training I will be just doing these 40-50 mile weeks til Oct then do some 60-65 mile weeks. I still havent done a run over 15 miles and until this heat goes away I probably will not being doing real long runs.

Goal for Las Vegas still remains to get BQ with a sub 3:30:00 and should plod in somewhere around 3:20:00. Still not looking to PR but just run it and get to Boston in April of 2007.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Speed Thursday

Today I did some speedwork with a group of friends. It was nice to get together with a group and push ourselves.

We started at 6 am and it was already 83 degrees and extremely humid. It did end up affecting me and triggering some asthma issues during the drills.

Started with a 1.5 mile warm up

3 x800 meters
Times were 2:45, 3:00 2:55 (wanted to push myself)

5x400 meters (asthma kicked in so not enough breath do real hard)
times were 82, 83,85,83, 84

1.75 mile cool down

Overall felt okay on the speed work need to work on consistency more and pushing it harder when the weather cools off.

Enjoy the day everyone.

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