Monday, February 26, 2007

This week was a shorter but intense running week.

Mileage for the week was only 31.5 miles this week but included the track work out previously posted, a trip to NY and 11.1 mile run early Sat a.m. at my tempo pace (hr was 75% despite only running 7:30 pace). This week I plan on cutting back to a real easy mileage week and then run hard on the 5K Saturday. Breathing issues continue to bother me a change in medication should take care of that.

I will be doing the 1 mile fun run with my youngest this Saturday about a hr before the race. I look forward to spending that time with her and when she receives her Finishing Medal she will have that big smile that all parents love.

After that I go (hopefully close to 19 min) on the 5K and I want to win hardware (it is actually a painting a local artist does) for my age group (M 45-49). This race is also the South East Regional RRCA 5K championship race so I look forward to the competition.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday track workout

Started up again with my speed work outs after taking a few weeks off due to weather. Today was focused on shorter but faster pace. These were done at 5:30 am and not my best time for speed work.

1) 85 sec
2) 84 sec
3) 87 sec
4) 86 sec

1) 42 sec
2) 40 sec
3) 44 sec
4) 44 sec

Each lap had a 90 sec recovery jog (200 meter) and then went right into the speed drill. I am okay with the 400m for that time of day but need to move the 200m closer to 35 sec. Most likely will have to be later in the day for that to happen. Just hard to wake up and 30 min later do speed work.

Total miles in the a.m. 4.5

Going to do an afternoon run with some friends for Mardi Gras. Just planning on an easy 4-5 miles tonight and rest day is Wednesday this week.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Birthday Day!

I turned 46 today and went out with a buddy of mine where he and I did an easy 13.1 miles (7;45 pace). It was sunny and cold, but running along the beach was awesome. Not to many runners out so we had much of our course to ourselves to run and chat. He let me know he is inviting me to his wedding on August 4th and I look forward to it.

There will be cheesecake in my future tonight along with much celebrating. Now if I just can stay awake past 10 pm (down side of getting older!) it will be a great day. Tomorrow I just am planning on an easy 8 miles to round out the week for 40 miles.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Cut back week.

I finally was able to take a decent cut back week. Ran only 27.5 miles this past week which included the race on Saturday and Sunday doing just 10 miles with the group. Again just an easy chatting pace at 7:55 pace (we started slower but gradually kept it going a bit faster as the miles went on as we were all just plugging after the race on Saturday).

This coming week, I think it will be back to low 40's and two sessions of speed work as I try to find my speed again. Will be running a 5K on March 3rd and do want to get it closer to 19 min on this course. I will need to in order to win hardware in the M 45-49 age group and it should be competitive!

Enjoy the day everyone.

P.S. I decided I am Anna Nicole's baby father. Now they need to pay me money to hush me up also.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Today I ran a 5K that was actually 3.2 miles (3 of us with GPS all had the same distance). It was a bit cool with starting temps of 34 and was run on the local University. I have always enjoyed this race as some years the course is long, it has numerous turns as you go around dorms, buildings and parking lots, trails and other fun items that make this course unique. The other interesting item that it is either short or long and always changing each year due to construction or sporting events that are taking place. You just really never know what your going to get with this race but is still fun.

I was curious to see where I was at with my lack of speed work and in the past week I have been fighting some asthma issues triggered by a head cold. Combination of the two lead to a disappointing time of 20:41 or a 6:30 pace (for the 3.2 miles). I still have a long way to go to get back to 5K shape and have some decent speed back.

Not sure where I finished overall my guess around 12th out of 125 and did take first in the m 45-49 age group.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things are good.

Yes things are well in the Universe. I could be down on all the murders that occurred recently in the press, or go on about Iraq, or comment on how my running this week has totally sucked and I have a head cold.

Just to keep it in perspective last night UNC tarheels played dook. dook lost and UNC won!!

Makes things a bit better today.

Now to go run later and make the cold go away is the game plan.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Week in Review

After finding new socks (yes the previous post was about my racing socks that I had to replace) I did manage to run 40 miles this week. Highlights were lame speed work on Thursday (freezing rain made me run like a slug again) but the more positive run was today. Melanie and I ran 16 miles at an easy 8:02 pace and was able to comfortably chat the whole time. A significant portion of the discussion was related to socks and other clothing items and how she and I both tend to use the same socks or outfits for races. Maybe it is superstitious of me but I always feel comfortable running in the same shirt and shorts and of course my favorite socks.

Goal this week is to cut it back to 30 miles and also do a 5K on Saturday. I will use that for speedwork and hope to break 19:30 in the cold. I have done no proper speedwork for a while so we shall see.

I continue to have fun tracking endless amounts of detail with the Garmin Forerunner 305 and don't understand why the family doesn't find it as fun and interesting as I do.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Letting Go

I think one of the most difficult things we do as people is letting go of relationships that are not working out for us. I recently (last night) decide to end my relationship with X.

I called my support group (my children) and talked to to first my oldest daughter and she was supportive but then promptly asked when could I fly up to baby sit my grand daughter. Talking to my Son In Law he felt it was time to move on also and then asked if I could watch Natalie for a weekend.

Second call to oldest son was not returned. It was pre UNC basketball party night so will not hear from him til later.

Third call to youngest son (in the Navy) was more of the same as he said do what you need to do and can I send him some money.

Talking with my youngest and 4th child she said dump X and can I order the new Harry Potter book.

A call into Coach T told me to dump the hussy and join her quest to amend the constitution and re elect Bush (sorry Tammy he can't).

I tried calling A. Maria but all she kept talking about was Army guy, something about eloping and being married by Elvis.

So after all that I sat down with X. I looked at X and finally said it isn't you, it is me.

I then took X put X in the trash. Yes, one to many holes in my favorite racing socks.

Time to let go and head to Target for new socks.

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