Sunday, May 04, 2008

I ran the Long Island Half Marathon today and it was less than a stellar performance for me.

Lack of good training and fighting injuries took their toll creating my 2nd worse Half Marathon time.

Weather turned out to be really good with temps in the 50's maybe high on the humidity which could have caused some issues with the breathing but not much.

Splits were as follows:

1) 6:50
2) 6:42
3) 6:54
4) 7:15 (started cramping in my tush now)
5) 7:20
6) 7:22
7) 7:27
8) 7:29
9) 7:21
10) 7:36 (really hurting in both sides of tush and left knee)
11) 7:42
12) 7:33
13) 7:38
.1) :47

Total official time was 1:36:10 I placed 184/3154 overall and 22/242 in age group If I had run 1:30:00 as planned I would have easily been in top 100 overall and 11th in age group. Knee and leg are fine now but the knot in the left side of the tush still there. I have a lot of work to do before Twin City Marathon in order to both keep up with Danielle and get Boston Qualified.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Sorry that it was less than your best, but it's part of why we race right? To test things out and see how things are going. I hope you can get the hamstring thing figured out soon. Along with the knee. Just curious...are they on the same side? Still sounds a lot like what I've had going on. I'd almost recommend finding a good chiropractor.
Sorry it wasn't what you had hoped for, but in the scheme of things, would you rather have my half marathon PR time? Yeah, I know that doesn't make it much better :)
still a very good performance by alot of peoples standards..however i know you expect more..

now, fix that tush problem
and good luck
Hey Kurt,

Sorry to read you are having knee, leg, butt problems. Maybe a massage is needed! You are still super speedy even on your bad days. The Twin City Marathon is a ways off, still time to dial in with the body and training.

Now, if only I could have your slowest miles, I would be fast. :-)
Yeah 5-6 minutes makes a lot of difference in the standings. But nothing wrong with being in the top 25! and coming in at 1:36!
I placed 13th in my group but I'm in an older category ; ) so it was easy... LOL
I think you had an AWESOME time! Glad I found your blog!!!
Faster and faster than many good runners. Better times will come back soon, be sure.
Sorry to hear it wasn't as well as you'd expected. Hope it's better in the next race.
Tough break, but you gotta listen to your body first and foremost. I'm sure you'll bounce back nicely for Twin City.
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