Sunday, June 01, 2008

Been Busy!

Wow this being almost a full time single Dad, working and running is keeping me busy. Having an adorably cute 10 yr old along with dating is taking up what little free time I may have but no regrets.

My injured hammie is still bothering me but less than before. I am also taking a break from racing for a while to give it more time to recover.

I also have made two big decisions, one I am doing the running camp that I was debating. The second decision is I have retained a running coach to help me get over the injuries, improve my running times and reach the goals I have been chasing. After all I am not getting any younger!

This past week I ran 39.7 miles, nothing challenging other than doing some so called speed work that was slow. The speed work was a challenge. Interesting day for track work out. At lunch from work I ran down to the local track that is a mile away, did another mile to warm up and then was chased off the track by the local police. They said the track was closed to the public even though it wasn't used.

I am also the moderator for an online running group called Joy of Running. Please take the time to join. It is a great group with about 800 runners.

I will attempt to keep more current!

Enjoy the day everyone.


you are such a public menace LOL!!!!

Let me know how things with the coach go and if you can get over the hammy.
good luck
Glad to hear the hammie's improving. Good luck with all things.
I had a tough time getting my speed work tonight myself. I'm doing a training group for the marathon this year myself.
Glad you are back...I'll check out the running group.

130 days to go!
At first I thought you typed injured hamster! lol
Hope your leg is getting better - Rest is a goodthing.
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