Monday, June 23, 2008

Running Update

I have now been working with my running coach for a month and have found it to be an interesting experience. I find that the mileage isn't much different than what I was doing but she is pushing me more with increased speed work. I do more intervals, more fartlek and strides than I have ever done before. While my legs are feeling it I am getting more consistent in my speed work for a change and running smoother. Times haven't dropped much but I do expect by fall the times will be back in the range I am expecting out myself.

On days I would sometimes bag a run I find that having to be accountable to someone else has made me get out and do the run. It is giving me more motivation and once I mentally get back into racing again I will be pulling it all together and looking to set new Master's PR this and next year.

One of the little things I have been doing is after my long run on Saturday's I go to the beach here on Long Island. The nice thing is the water is really still cold in the low 60's. Usually it is me and a bunch of kids in the water until I can't stand it anymore. Still it beats doing an ice bath and helps the legs recover quicker.

Enjoy the day everyone.


hard to believe *you* need a coach! Glad it's working out nicely tho!

I hear you about the turnover (ref. your comment on my blog).. but having the proper stride first is going to help me work on that... before i was turning over turning over like i was running in place, this way i feel like i'm gaining ground
Best thing I ever did was walk into Lake Superior after my first marathon. Talk about cold water and a refresher. I think I lasted 30 seconds...twice.
Now, if only the cold water turned to beer....
It took me awhile to see speed improvement from interval training - but I felt stronger right away!
Keep up with this and I'm sure you will beat your next PR.
I know what you mean by feeling accountable.

I've yet to force myself to do the ice bath thing. Maybe someday.

Keep up the great work and crush that PR!
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