Monday, June 16, 2008

Yesterday I had a fun filled day with my youngest daughter Maddie and Marsha for fathers day. The day started off with my favorite race on Long Island, the Deputy Chief Ray Downey 5K who died in 9/11. This is
a big event with lots of things going on. This year was no different with over 1600 for the 5K and another 500 in the family fun runs.

The only downer it was warm (84) and very humid (storms last night).

Race started and 10 am and off we went. I had done a 2 mile warm up and was soaked before we even started. Hit the 1st mile comfortably at 6:15, mile 2 I felt good but started slowing down due I think to the humidity and did that in 6:37, Mile 3 more of the same ran a 6:41 and passed 2 guys in my age group at the 2.5 mile mark who normally are a bit faster than me. I hit the final .1 in 42 which was good considering it was on wet grass. Final time was 20:17 or about a 6:22 pace. Not as fast as I had hoped but then you take what you can go
with. I finished 41/1639 overall and 3/133 in the M45-49 age group so another piece of hardware for me. The main thing is I felt comfortable this race than the past few and didn't get sick at any point in the race. Asthma constricted me but I was able to run through it easier.

So after that we went to see the Hulk. All in all a great day!

Now from my favorite bride to be here is my response to your blog tag!

1. How would you describe your running 10 years ago? Faster with less injury issues but at the same time less fun. It was all about running and placing in my age group versus enjoying the running. I am less competitive internally than I use to be.

2. What is your best and worst run/race experience? It is both from Gasparilla doing the Jeep Challenge. I did a 15K, 5K and half marathon in less than 24 hrs. Hot one day and cold and wet the next. Most challenging run I have ever done. Finished 2nd Masters out of 500 or so who did the whole 3 events.

3. Why do you run? So I can eat cheesecake, chocolate and enjoy staying sane (more or less anyway)

4. What is the best or worst piece of advice you’ve been given about running? Best advice that I listened to and actually followed through with: Enjoy the running and if your serious about it then make a plan and work the plan. Only by doing both (having fun and working hard) will you get better.

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know. I hate blueberry's. I despise them. I wish they would be eradicated off the face of earth.

Enjoy the week everyone. P.S. Side note to TryPiggy you have speed. You need to run more miles and build up your base to sustain the speed you have.


perfect dads day....
time with kids....
see thehulk...
race and get age group hardware and an impressive 41st out of 1600 plus...
great job
One day I'd like to see that medal cabinet of yours. I bet there are plenty more medals boxed up in the loft.
You need a shirt - WILL RUN 4 CHEESECAKE (anything but blueberry)
Hates blueberries OMG!
Actually raspberries are my favorite.
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