Thursday, June 05, 2008

Coach is killing me.

Last night she had me do the dreaded doctervals. Doctervals are 8 x 200 with the goal to go all out but consistent pace. I need them in order to achieve my goal of a sub 5:15 mile this august.

It had been a very rough week at work so limited sleep, lots of stress and of course I was doing the speed work on the middle school gravel track where it had been raining. I figure the track is adding 1-2 seconds per 200 to my time (I am sticking to that and that will be my story!)

Splits were 34, 35,37, 36,35, 38, 38, 38

Not the fastest I have done but did manage to get sick after lap 6 and lap 8. At least I know I did it right then.

Today was rest day and plan on doing 6 on Friday, 14 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. Need to work on getting stronger and faster. The coach is pushing me in the right direction.

Enjoy the day everyone.


Get sick? That doesn't sound like fun, but neither does 34 second 200 or a 5:15 mile. Pretty sure my legs don't turn over that fast. :-)

How is the core work treating you?
never in my wildest dreams could i do a mile, even in the mid 6 minute range.

you are cranking like no ones business...
a gravel track??/man, that takes me back.
and you barfed???? good on your sir....
Yahoo for vomit!

I tagged get your too-busy-to-blog self over to my blog and follow the instructions!(please?)
At least you have a coach!
That's just plain nutty.

I'm sure I couldn't even manage 400 meters at a 5:15 pace.
Question - I can do 35 seconds for 200m, but why can't it translate over to longer distances similar to the fast times you run?

[jealous pig]
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